Everybody else tells you what happened.
Yellowfin tells you Why.


Discover how an end-to-end analytics platform delivers everything you need in order to understand why faster.

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    Yellowfin debuts 7.4 – a major revolution in BI and analytics.

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Discover Smart BI: Understand the Why to make better decisions

Everything you need to get to Why faster

Yellowfin offers the only analytics platform that combines machine learning, visualization, collaboration and storytelling to provide customers with the quickest time to value.

Automated insights deliver contextual results

Yellowfin machine-learning algorithms help analysts respond quickly and help business users answer “Why?” on their own.

Better decisions start with awesome dashboards, data visualization and storytelling

Dashboards that put all your data in one place

Yellowfin supports all types of dashboards – strategic, analytical and operational – to meet all your enterprise needs.

Visualize your data from any angle

Explore and discover insights in your data with over 50 chart types.

Tell amazing stories with your data

Create interactive presentations and control the narrative, while allowing your audience to explore. Let your data do the talking.

Yellowfin is mobile

You use multiple devices daily, so it's great
to know Yellowfin will go where you go.

Access to all your data with data preparation and enterprise governance

Connect to all your data

Whether it's Big Data sources, Web APIs or relational databases, we don't get in the way of you and your data.

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Awesome analytical apps

With Yellowfin's Web connectors, we've done all the hard work for you with out-of-the-box best practice apps.

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Yellowfin data prep

Prepare your data for analysis

Improve data governance, build better reports and produce deeper insights faster with Yellowfin's Data Preparation Module.

Ensure trust with data governance

High user adoption relies on trust. Great data governance gives you just that.

Increase adoption with business user workflows

  • Tasks

    Yellowfin Task Management gives anyone the power to raise and assign tasks from anywhere inside your BI platform.

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  • Alerts & Broadcasts

    Never miss an important shift in your data with Yellowfin's proactive alerts, broadcasts and subscription reporting.

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  • Collaborative BI

    Yellowfin enables faster, smarter collective decision-making. See how Yellowfin is redefining what Collaborative BI means.

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