The Next Generation of Analytics

Introducing Yellowfin 7.4:
Smart BI for faster, better insights

There are a lot of analytics tools in the market today that provide good dashboards, but they’re not very good at explaining what caused those results. To arrive at that insight, a business user either asks a data analyst what happened or do their own self-service analysis. Fortunately, Yellowfin now provides automated help so the whole business gets to the Why faster.

Everybody else tells you what happened.
This is how Yellowfin tells you Why.

Assisted Insights:
Producing faster, better decisions

Assisted Insights automatically provides answers without the user having to dig through all their data searching for the elusive piece of insight. Users simply ask the question they’re trying to answer, and Yellowfin finds the data to analyze, runs it through a series of steps to find the most statistically relevant results, and then presents them in easy-to-understand and best-practice visualizations and narratives.

Yellowfin delivers contextual results, not everything the algorithms find – Yellowfin considers what you are trying to do and uses that to determine the most relevant results to show. With Yellowfin Assisted Insights, users will no longer stare at dashboards and ask “Why?” something happened to their business. We get you to the Why and we get you to it instantly.

  • Assisted data discovery for the data analyst

    To reduce an analyst’s backlog and give them more time to interpret data, they need assisted data discovery. By allowing data analysts to pose questions and have meaningful results provided instantly, Yellowfin puts them in control. Now they can take these automated results, refine them, and provide their interpretation of what they mean. This allows data analysts to add greater value by supporting business users in getting to the why faster.

  • Providing instant insights for the business user

    Business users want to ask a question of their analytics tools and get immediate answers, without becoming an analyst themselves. Instant insights from Yellowfin answers why for business users, allowing them to do what they do best. Simultaneously, instant insights also frees up data analysts to focus on delivering better interpretations of the data, making the whole business moves forward faster.

  • Move data science into production collaboratively

    Data scientists often create models that often never see the light of day in the enterprise. Yellowfin found a way to bring data-science models, corporate data, and the different business units all together through one platform, so that data-science models are utilized throughout an organization. It simply makes it faster to productionize data-science models, making them more accessible to more people.

Get to the Why Faster

Good business decisions require good insight. Yellowfin 7.4 represents an end-to-end BI and analytics platform leveraging machine-learning algorithms with human decision-making to deliver automated insights company wide. With the integrated data transformation, and data science productionization, Yellowfin delivers immediate relevant results so businesses can make faster, better informed business decisions.

Work together to deploy
models faster

You can pull data from the source (such as relational databases or web connectors) and perform transformations like running an R model against client data to predict churn, then store that data in a database format to report on. Yellowfin 7.4 lets you develop analytical applications faster, use app integrations like R and Python, and even utilize PMML, PFA, and support. With this approach, your data models can come to life in your enterprise BI environment.