Software Developers

Easily and quickly embed analytics that keep customers happy

Yellowfin gives you the flexibility to embed the analytics and reporting you need, seamlessly and quickly. The Aberdeen Group found that software developers can bring analytics and reporting to market 20% faster by integrating a solution like Yellowfin, rather than developing their own.

“We chose to partner with Yellowfin because their software is simple to embed, has beautiful dashboards, delivers powerful visualizations, and is intuitive to use.”

Nigel Lester, Managing Director
Pitney Bowes Software Solutions

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Get control by delivering what they want

Yellowfin makes it easy to embed the analytics your customers want. We have the specialists, consultants, and experience to speed you to market. After all, if it works for software from BMC, Pitney Bowes, Kodak, and more, chances are, we can help you customize Yellowfin for your solution.