Your biggest demand is to prove the return on investment of every marketing spend. And, with new opportunities for marketing constantly emerging, you need to know which channels deliver. That’s why real-time data insights are so crucial.

With Yellowfin, you can see your campaign activity as it occurs, empowering you to know what's performing from the moment it goes live. Understand your customer acquisition costs. Monitor click-through rates. Track the performance of A/B tests. Visualize the traffic-to-lead ratio. Check landing page conversion and bounce rates and understand where your organic traffic is coming from. With access to real-time insights across all your marketing efforts in one place, you can easily optimize the performance of every element of every campaign.

Discover how Yellowfin is boosting marketing performance by enabling teams to track all their metrics and prove the ROI.

Don't just take our word for it

Discover how Yellowfin is boosting the performance of marketers around the world by enabling people just like you to track all their metrics and prove ROI.

“Before, we needed an IT developer and SQL know-how to select the right categories and contacts to use in our weekly email campaigns. Automating data selection for targeted and segmented marketing campaigns has made a huge difference in efficiency and processing time.”

Christian Kaminski – Head of Controlling and Business Analytics, Fashion ID