You want to climb the ranks and enhance your education service. To do that, you need to visualize the vast amount of data you collect about students, investments, expenditure and staffing.

Yellowfin delivers real-time, easy-to-use analytics underpinned by robust security. Compare your performance against other education institutions at a glance. Improve your services, course content and successfully attract and manage students from enrolment to graduation. See your academic support spending per student, grants received for research development and alumni donation rates.

Discover how Yellowfin has helped education institutions like yours achieve their rankings goals, acquire more research funding, streamline expenditure and enhance student experience. Increase your competitiveness in the increasingly fierce education market with Yellowfin.

We're not the only ones that feel this way

Discover how our customers have achieved analytics success with Yellowfin.

“We can now accurately map where our students are coming from and develop effective marketing strategies accordingly. We can even analyze where our funding comes from based on locality – the opportunities are limitless.”

Dr. Neil Fraser – Information Director, Macquarie University

We have partners that specialize in education

You get incredible value, not just from the software, but also from Yellowfin partners who specialize in delivering education analytics.

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