Financial Services

Whether you’re a large retail bank, superannuation fund, securities or asset management firm, you need to run your financial business efficiently, meet regulatory compliance and reach customers effectively. You have huge amounts of data that can help you achieve those goals, but, the insights are buried.

Reveal those insights with Yellowfin’s analytics platform. Analyze trends to determine where costs can be reduced and investments made. Detect revenue opportunities, manage risks and bolster client relations with real-time reporting. Visualize patterns in claims and product purchases, streamline back office processes and develop highly targeted services with secure access to your live analytics anywhere, anytime.

See how Yellowfin is helping financial services companies like yours discover data-based insights quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

Don't just take our word for it.

We've got some great customer success stories in financial services.

“Yellowfin has empowered RFi Group to provide the banking and finance industry with the best analytics platform on the planet."

Charles Higby – Benchmarking Director, RFi Group

We have some great partners in financial services

Rest easy knowing that Yellowfin partners with BI experts and software providers who specialize in the financial services industry.

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