Set Your Data Free with Yellowfin 7.3

Yellowfin 7.3 will assist data analysts to conduct faster data analysis and create more trustworthy, stunning Business Intelligence content in less time.

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Yellowfin data prep

Yellowfin 7.3 contains three major enhancements, including:

Data Preparation

Yellowfin’s new Data Preparation Module delivers guided processes for transforming your data into consistent, efficient formats suitable for exploration, analysis and report building. Forget the cost and complexity of preparing your data in one tool, and then connecting it to another to satisfy your BI needs. Experience how the broadest modern BI platform on the market can take you from data source to decision all in one integrated solution.

  • Data profiling:

    Efficiently clean, shape, format and enrich your data with Yellowfin’s unique data profiling functionality. Easily profile your entire data set at once, or selected rows and columns, for the types of analysis you want to perform. Automatic binning of data for each column supports fast information absorption and repeatable data preparation processes. Immediately see the shape of your data – and complete better, faster data preparation – with a data profile of each column.

  • Leveraging Yellowfin’s metadata:

    By integrating Yellowfin’s Data Preparation Module at the metadata level (Yellowfin View), you can effortlessly ensure consistency and governance across all your BI content. Any data preparation actions performed will be uniformly reflected across all content based on that metadata layer throughout your organization – from reports and charts, to dashboards and Storyboards.

  • Best practice metadata modeling:

    A list of Suggested Actions dynamically proposes best practice data modeling solutions based on the specific data profiled within each column. Conduct dynamic grouping for column values, filter out empty values, translate values in the data source into business friendly terminology, and enrich your location data by automatically adding Yellowfin GeoPacks. Be empowered to deliver more trustworthy and insightful reports throughout the business in less time.

Set Analysis

Comparative business questions are some of the most common and critical kinds of queries asked of your data: How do this year’s sales figures compare by region, gender or product type? We get it.

Yellowfin 7.3 makes it fast and easy to perform comparative analysis, within the Chart Builder, without the need for deep technical skills and Sub Queries.

Quickly create comparative visualizations in a few simple steps using Yellowfin’s Set Analysis function. Easily define and compare a subset of data values within a selected data set via intuitive point-and-click navigation: Filter a metric by one or more fields (dimensions) on a chart, independently of the report as a whole.

Performing comparative analysis from within Yellowfin’s Chart Builder generates faster business insights. Not only is avoiding Sub Queries a time-saver, but interrogating cached data also improves query performance and reduces server load.

New Content Creation Canvas

Yellowfin’s entire Content Creation Canvas has been replaced with an updated version, making it simpler and easier to build and format content.

Slick new features, along with a redesigned look and feel, provide the power and freedom to quickly create beautiful, purpose-built analytical content. Meet your organization’s customized content needs, exceed expectations and drive user adoption – all without writing one line of code.

A huge range of new objects – such as shapes, lines, text options and chart widgets – deliver the design elements needed for building stunning custom content. Think of the canvas as a freeform content builder – you can add shapes, images, visualizations, video, text or forms. Easily combine and manipulate all these elements into any design that you desire.

A new Canvas Properties Menu – combined with Contextual Menus, specific to each widget on the canvas – offers effortless control. Be empowered to modify and position every element and aspect of the canvas perfectly – down to the individual pixel. Bespoke visualizations and engaging infographics are now just a few clicks away.